The Real Experiences of Google Card Board V2 in Qatar

Sometimes all it takes for a person to admire a field of interest in life is to practice this field outcomes or products. Back when I was a student I enrolled in Multimedia Systems course, but I did not realize that Multimedia field is huge enough that it covers Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR). We had an intro about these two fields at the beginning of the course. And till then, the instructor did not talk about them anymore in the class. I searched and found that many real life applications can benefit from using VR and AR. For example, education, which is the hardcore interest, can be transformed into an enjoyable way, where students can feel and experiment real life scenarios virtually. Till I heard about the simplest and robust experience which was developed by google employees in their 20% free time for personal projects. It is brilliant that creative research science and generated business ideas bring dramatic change to the way we deal with our life.

I had the chance to order a Card Board version two which costed around 85 QR. (around 14.5 British Pound). It took less than 5 days to arrive to Doha the capital of Qatar. And for a good reason, the Local Google Developers Group organized a workshop which was hosted by Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). The workshop was about Virtual Reality and and introduction for Cardboard application development using Unity Game Engine. Everyone had the chance to try the CardBoard. Furthermore, some researchers were amazed by its simplicity and great outcome. I share with you some photos taken for the researchers who tried Google CardBoard at QCRI.

The feedback for this experience was mostly positive. But two issues raised which are the resolution is not good, that is the pixels appear as small squares. The second negative issue is that it makes you dizzy for a while after your remove it away of your eyes. But, this should be normal since the real world is taken away and another virtual world is presented in front of personal eyes. Two real applications were recommended to be tested at school level and the other is inside gaming.

Finally, currently there are few applications developed specifically for the CardBoard, and most of them so far are pure English spoken language. I am sure that with the starting tips given by GDG-Doha, we will see Qatari based local apps developed for the nations benefit.  If you would like to know more about the workshop which was organized by GDG-Doha, visit this blog post.  If you want to try the CardVoard, then my advice is go for it, and don’t hesitate to express your feelings after trying it with me.


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